Getting Started

16 Dec

This first post is proving to be much harder than I expected.  I wanted to start out with something big, bold and interesting, but I guess the first thing I should do is explain a little about what I see in my blog.

I see The Hay Say as being a venue for me to express my thoughts on a wide  range of issues.  If I hear about something happening in my neighborhood or a piece of news from around the world worth thinking about, I’ll just jot down those thoughts.  I’ll try not to simply bore you with what I’ve been up to, big talk about interesting issues on which everyone can form an opinion.

Sometimes you might agree with me, sometimes I hope that you don’t.  I would love to hear your agreements or disagreements through your comments.  I don’t know if anyone will actually care what I have to say, but it would be great to start some discussion.

I hope you enjoy and I look forward to hearing what you have to say.


One Response to “Getting Started”

  1. v-bear December 16, 2008 at 2:43 am #

    I see your blog as a wonderful tool to inspire others to engage those with whom they may not agree but will always treat with respect. It is because of this single commitment that I hope a true “marketplace of ideals” will flourish and benefit us all. I fully expect this blog to sharpen the minds and harden the convictions of all those whom one day will be providing leadership for America and the global community!

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