Gov. Blagojevich

16 Dec

A week after the Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, was arrested we are still left with little information. We were told that he is being charged with bribery, conspiracy and fraud by trying to sell President Elect Obama’s former senate seat, but that is more or less all that we know. So with all of these allegations flying around, what should happen now?

The most obvious thing would have been for the Governor to step down. Regardless of his innocence, he has no real credibility and is now incapable of governing the state. Yet for some reason, Blagojevich has decided that he is going to fight these charges. Yesterday the State House voted 113 to 0 to establish an Impeachment Committee, but the question I keep asking myself is, “Should he really be impeached?” We must assume that Blagojevich is innocent until proven guilty, however in Illinois, a Governor can be impeached without committing a crime. While I hate to think that someone would be impeached if they were innocent, I guess that Blagojevich has left them with no other option. He is ruining the reputation of the state government, he is certainly causing problems for Obama, and he seems very unapologetic about the whole thing! To some this doesn’t seem all that surprising considering he has spent nearly his entire governorship, including his time up for reelection, under investigations of fraud.

So what happens if he doesn’t step down? Well, as of right now he still has the ability to choose Obama’s predecessor. Over 60% of the Illinois residents no longer think he should have that ability, but the only other reasonable option would be to hold a special election. The major problem with a special election is that it would cost nearly 30 million dollars, which is steep for a state over 2 billion in debt. In addition to that, the Democrats would hate to hold a special election in fear that a Republican would win the seat!

Blagojevich has really left the state with no good options. Should he be impeached? Everyone, including Obama, as come out supporting his resignation, is there anything else they can do to pressure him? How should the senate seat be chosen?


2 Responses to “Gov. Blagojevich”

  1. V-bear December 16, 2008 at 6:30 pm #

    It seems to make the most sense to step aside and allow the democratic lt. gov. appoint the person who will fill the vacant senate seat. A special election is too costly to both potential candidates and the state. The governor should be removed from office if these charges are proven to be true.

  2. coffee fiend January 7, 2009 at 3:06 am #

    it’s crazy what Blagojevich has gotten away with already… he’s an international embarrassment

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