Do Pirates Still Say, “Arrr”?

18 Dec

When I was a kid, I wanted to be one of two things:  a professional baseball player or a Pirate.  I quickly found out that my little league baseball skills would not take me very far, and I was told by many elementary school teachers that piracy was mostly dead.  Little did I know that several years later I would be reading about pirates in the news nearly everyday.This has been one heck of a year for the Somali Pirates.  2008 brought nearly 100 hijackings off of the Somali coast, some of which lead to multi million dollar deals!  Hell, they were even named one of Time Magazines “People Who Mattered.”  And we have all figured out, they really do matter. Just yesterday China announced that they would be sending Navel forces to help stop the pirates.  This is a big deal because China’s Navy hardly ever leaves port.  Who would have thought that with the amount of money and weapons the developed world has, we would still be scared of pirates?

So as I sit in my cube at work, I have to ask myself, why am I not out there hijacking tankers?  I mean, we kind of have things in common.  They are pirates because they lost their jobs due to the Westerners taking all the fish.  I could be a pirate because the Westerners no longer have economies that offer jobs at all!  They are good out on the water.  I…like the water.  Maybe it isn’t such a bad idea?

Hmm, after looking at the UN’s and China’s decisions to start making the piracy crackdown a top priority, maybe I should wait awhile and see what 2009 brings.  I mean, who knows? Maybe the fishing will return to the coast of Somalia and just maybe jobs will come back to the States. Wouldn’t that make for a good 2009?


2 Responses to “Do Pirates Still Say, “Arrr”?”

  1. Soon-to-be Pirate December 19, 2008 at 5:23 pm #

    I think we all thought that piracy was long dead and that the only pirates we would ever know where the ones drinking rum in the movies! It is interesting to see the new trends and the hijackings going on! I guess the pirates are just like everyone else trying to make a living. While it may not be looked as as the most legal profession, they are obviously doing ok! And probably having tons more fun out on the open sea than the rest of us do at our boring desk jobs!
    Like I said before, I would join your pirate brigade! Perhaps we should wait until the pirate crackdown has slowed a little and see which way the economy heads, but I’m ready for sea as long as I get my monkey!

    PS – YAY for The Hay Say which keeps me enlightened and interested every day!

  2. Jaclyn December 19, 2008 at 11:29 pm #

    “Navel forces”? You mean that China is going to unleash the fury of 1 billion belly buttons on Somali renegades?

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