Not too late to order this Christmas’s top gift.

23 Dec

Boy – “Mommy, Mommy! I know we saw Santa a few weeks ago, but I changed my mind! I want something new for Christmas!”

Mother – “What’s that son?”

Boy – “The ‘Bye Bye Bush’ Shoe!”

As it turns out, the Bush-Shoe incident is an unexpected blessing for a Turkish shoe firm. They claim to be the makers of the ‘Bush’ shoe, or as they are calling it, the ‘Bye Bye Bush’ shoe. The shoe company, Baydan Shoes, is now receiving tens of thousands of extra orders. People in the United States, Iraq and all over the world want to know what it feels like to walk in the shoes that almost gave Bush a black eye. So many shoes are being ordered, in fact, that the company had to hire an additional 100 employees. I’m sure that Timberland wishes they had been selling boots in Iraq now!

The thrower of the ‘Bye Bye Bush’ shoe will be sentenced December 31. This story is just too bizarre.


One Response to “Not too late to order this Christmas’s top gift.”

  1. M-Ho December 23, 2008 at 7:46 pm #

    HAHAHAHAHAHA That is hilarious & I have no doubt that you actually want one of these shoes! Maybe you will get it for your birthday….since you already got your Christmas from me! This story is a bit out of control & it just doesn’t seem to end! I will anxiously await the next addition of the Bush shoe thrower saga!

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