I know, I’ll make a New Year’s Resolution!

3 Jan

I wonder how long I can feel good about myself, just by making a New Year’s resolution. By that I mean, even if I don’t actually achieve my goal, how long will I build myself up, just knowing that I made it?

Well, we are now on day 3 of 2009, has anyone kept to their commitments? I did a little research on New Years resolutions. According to a Quirkology Study, 52% of people who made a resolution were confident that they would succeed. Before reading on, take a second and guess how many people actually were successful.

Got your guess? 12. Only 12% of people who make resolutions were successful. While that sounds super low, my guess would be that many of us are not surprised. Lord knows most people can’t keep there commitments.

Well, I made a resolution this year. Training will start Monday, but it will be awhile before I know how successful I am. I would like to run at least two half marathons this year. I’m one of the 52% of people who are confident in my success.

I also have a few resolutions for DC. First of all, get us through the inauguration without anything horrible happening. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. How about we try and fill all of the empty store fronts around DCUSA and the surrounding apartment buildings? I think it could happen.

So I’m curious. What resolutions do you guys have? Do you have any for DC, the States or the rest of the world? How can we help achieve these goals?


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