Movie Reivew: Slumdog Millionaire

7 Jan

200px-slumdog_millionaire_poster Last Friday a few friends and I had the great idea to go see a movie.  None of us had been to a movie theater in quite some time, so this was bound to be a treat.  There are a few movies out right now that sound interesting, but we quickly agreed that Slumdog Millionaire would be our choice.  Now, since it is only showing at two theaters in DC, and I do what I can to avoid Georgetown (especially on a Friday night), we headed to a 7:45 showing at E Street theater.

After the wonderful idea to grab a beer and some popcorn, we entered the theater with just a few minutes to spare.  This wouldn’t have been a problem except, due to E St.’s extremely small theaters, we ended up on the 2nd row.  This, of course, put a damper on all of our moods.  The last thing anyone wanted was to sit through a bad movie and leave with a neck ache, but I am pleased to announce that didn’t happen.

Slumdog Millionare, directed by Danny Boyle, is based on the novel Q and A.  It centers around a boy born and raised in the slums of India, who appears on an Indian version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.”  His success on the show raises eyebrows of the officials.  Throughout the movie he explains how his real life experiences prepared him to answer the questions.

Dev Patel and Freida Pinto not only do a beautiful job with each other, but also with connecting to the audience.  The movie is not only entertaining, but raises very important and serious social issues in India.  It is clear that director Danny Boyle works hard to portray a “real” India and its changes over the past several years.

Not only would I call this movie a ‘must see’, but I would call it a ‘must see again’.  I left feeling as though I could immediately sit down and watch the whole movie another time, even from the second row.

I give Slumdog Millionaire:   ! ! ! ! !

The Hay Say’s Movie Rating System:

! – Movie will probably be found in a cell at Guantanamo being used as a form of torture.

! ! – Only watch if the Netflix queue has run dry.

! ! ! – Might as well wait to rent it, I’m sure there is something better in the theater.

! ! ! ! – Not bad, I’ve already forgotten I just paid $10.

! ! ! ! ! – Forget the rest of this hot date, I’ve got to watch this thing again!


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