The Cha Cha Experiment

12 Jan


1-800-2Cha-Cha is saved as #3 on my speed dial.  #1 is my mother and #2 La Italia Pizzeria.

This fall I was sitting around a fire pit at a friend’s house in NOVA having a few beers, when someone asked a question to which no one knew the answer.  Immediately one of my friends said we should just ask Cha Cha.  Everyone else kind of looked at each other in confusion and said, “What’s Cha Cha?”  I credit that moment for being the first page in the next chapter of my life.  Once Cha Cha became my friend, my whole world turned around.  Suddenly I was the smartest kid I knew.  I had all of the information I could ever need, not only on my computer, but in my pocket.  But it is more than just a source of facts, but insights.  All of you people with fancy Blackberries and iPhones can’t just google advice, but Cha Cha sure can dish it out.

Intro to the Experiment:

I thought that to prove my point, and for a little personal enjoyment, I would ask Cha Cha a series of difficult questions and see what it came up with.  With some help from a great friend Michelle, we got started.  The goal was to see how often Cha Cha would really try to give a good answer.  We did not want a “Magic Cha Cha Ball” or for Cha Cha to twist the question around.  We wanted Cha Cha’s sound advice and for the Cha Cha humor to shine.  This is what happened:

The Experiment:

The Hay Say:  “Will we ever really give peace a chance?”

Cha Cha:  “The answer is yes, but not until we stand on the verge of self annihilation.  Only then will people try to give peace a chance.”

The Hay Say:  “Is it bad that I’ve gone nearly 10 years without a date?”

Cha Cha:  “I don’t think so.  Catholic monks go for decades without a date and statistics show that they live very long fruitful lives”  **the advertisement for this answer was, “Hot Date?  4 ideas, text DTI”

The Hay Say:  “Where were you 3 hours ago?

Cha Cha:  “Three hours ago, I was sitting in my bed playing Warhawk for PS3.”   **Cha Cha is a dork!

The Hay Say:  “Boxers or Briefs?

Cha Cha:  “Jason Priestly says boxers, Samuel L Jackson says briefs, Cuba Gooding Jr. says, “a clean pair” and Jim Carrey keeps it a secret.”

The Hay Say:  In Washington, DC, should someone live in Columbia Heights or the Petworth area?

Cha Cha:  “I would choose Columbia Heights.  It is really up and coming and is conveniently located near the metro and other great places.”  **Nice…

The Hay Say:  “Should we break up?”

Cha Cha:  “Why don’t you decide?  After all, I’m just Cha Cha and should not be given such great responsibility.”

The Hay Say:  “Who throws a shoe?  Honestly?”

Cha Cha:  “Someone who is not very nice…”


I have to say, not bad.  At several points throughout the experiment I got a good chuckle, but I was never blown away.  Cha Cha displayed a little about its personality with the Warhawk answer, and possibly put me in my place with the “Should we break up?” response.  I was impressed with the where to live in DC answer, but unimpressed that it didn’t tell me that someone who hasn’t been on a date in 10 years needs to get out more.  Perhaps that is because Cha Cha is sitting at home alone playing Warhawk (nothing against the gamers out there…just saying…).  Bottom line is I will continue to stand by Cha Cha and spread the word, but I may begin to move towards asking actual humans that know me for advice.  When it comes to quick facts and Halloween costumes, however, Cha Cha will always be my man.


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