I Love Birthdays!

27 Jan

i Love Birthdays

Ahh, the sweet smell of birthday morning.  The sun seems a little brighter, the air tastes a little cleaner, and the bus just might show up on time!  Doug Day has finally arrived!

I’ve got to say, I just love having a birthday!  You get to be selfish, greedy, picky, and best of all, everyone encourages it!

Here is a conversation I have had many times over the past few days:

Doug – “Where do you want to eat?”

Friend – “I don’t know, it is your birthday weekend.”

Doug – “Darn right!  I want to eat…”

I would ask what they wanted in hopes to sound polite, all the while secretly praying they leave the decision up to me (after all, it is my weekend of birth).  Even better is that now in the age of social networking, everyone remembers!  There is nothing like waking up on your birthday and having 20 e-mails from facebook, even if most are just birthday wishes from some rando you have not spoken with since high school.

Oh how I wish my birthday came around more than just once a year…but I would like to temporarily pause my self indulgence and open my thoughts up to a few very special people.  My birthday weekend would have been nothing if it were not for all the great friends that made it so special.  This birthday, my first in DC, I am so appreciative of everyone that has allowed me to act upon my selfish desires.  They let me pick the music, and watched me dance around.  They let me spill my beer, and helped me clean up after.  They are even making it more of a birthweek, instead of just a day.  Many of them I have not known all that long, others I have known most of my life, but all of whom have gone above and beyond the call of a friendship.

Birthdays are an opportunity to reflect back on the past year of your life and think about all the good, forgetting all of the bad.  I have a lot to be thankful for.


One Response to “I Love Birthdays!”

  1. Momma January 27, 2009 at 10:44 am #

    Momma sure is glad you were born! When you came into this world, it was snowing just like today! Have a great birthweek!

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