Super Bowl XLIII – Who Really Cares?

2 Feb

Let’s face it, if you are not from Pittsburgh or Arizona, you probably didn’t care which team won last night’s game.  I personally cheered on the Cardinals mostly because when asked by a bartender the other night, they were the first team that came to mind.  It was, however, a great game.  Turnovers were made, incredible passes caught, and tackles were broken.  I got pumped up, I was let down, but ultimately, all I really cared about were the commercials and halftime show.

Now I know what you are thinking, “Should a man admit to watching a football game for the commercials?”  Well, when it is the Cardinals and the Steelers, I’m willing to take that risk.

I’ll start with the halftime show.  Having just seen Springsteen’s performance at the “We Are One” concert a short time ago, I was excited to see what he would do in this setting.  He was undoubtedly more excited about performing for a stadium of Terrible Towels than he was the Obamas.  He did splits, back bends, yells, and even one of the best power slides EVER…

Needless to say, The Boss is awesome.

The Hay Say and friends had a great time reviewing the commercials and rating them accordingly.  We have chosen a few of our favorites.

The night started off with a few solid Doritos commercials.

They bring in sex, money, cop bashing and bad luck/violence.  What more could you ask for in a chip commercial?!?

Then of course came the commercial.

Now this commercial was not for the casual chip dunking, bud pounding watcher.  You really had to follow the whole thing.  Pretty clever for a .com that no one uses.

Our final runner up was the commercial.

The insults, brilliant, but the guy at the end really brought that one home.

The Hay Say’s pick for this years best Super Bowl chimerical was from

Enough said, that is just funny!

It is refreshing to see that even throughout this terrible economic crisis, we can rely on businesses to spend money on Super Bowl commercials.  About $206 million were spent on the ads this year.  The only people who really seemed to disappoint was Budwiser.  BRING BACK THE FROGS!


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