Obama vs. Steele: Who Will Overcome

5 Feb

Obama vs. Steele

It is safe to say that November 4, 2008 was less than a great day to be a Republican.  After losing more races than anyone would have predicted, the party was labeled as rich, white, southern and out of touch.  I hate to add to the generalizations, but I don’t think that is too far off (we can’t, however, forget about the Dakotas).

So I don’t think it came as much of a surprise to anyone when this year they tried to break that mold and get a new face for the Republican Party:  A black, non-southern, ready to take on Obama and “change” Republican politics face.  The nomination of Michael Steele as the new RNC chairman might bring some excitement to some conservatives, but to others it simply leaves us shaking our heads.  **On a somewhat ironic side note, the new DNC Chairman, Tim Kaine, is a white, southern, moderate.  Seem like the parties have an agenda?

Michael Steele may not be white or southern, but he embodies the brand of aggressive partisan conservative.  He is credited for starting the “Drill, Baby Drill” chant that rang throughout the crowds at McCain/Palin rallies.  He is said to be bold, blunt, outspoken and insistent.  Maybe this kind of forceful behavior is what the Right needs, but I’m going to say probably not.

The New York Times quotes him as saying, “It will be an honor to spar with him.”  Referring to getting in the political ring with Obama.  Steele finishes that statement with his first jab, by quoting Kool Moe Dee, “How do you like me now?”

I hate to say it, Republicans, but the people spoke, and they wanted “Unity” and “Change.”  This partisan sparing might make for a good show, but I believe that pushing harder and harder at partisan politics is just going to push you further and further from victory.

Then again, who knows, two years from now when mid-term elections roll around it could be a completely different story.


2 Responses to “Obama vs. Steele: Who Will Overcome”

  1. Justin February 5, 2009 at 11:09 am #

    Wow! Where did you get a picture of Obama and Steele boxing!?!? I didn’t even know they boxed!?

  2. thehaysay February 5, 2009 at 11:25 am #

    Well, Justin, thanks to some brilliant reporting by myself and my roommate, we not only got still photos, but audio of the action.

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