Más Pan, Porfa’

11 Feb

Yesterday I was kind of critical towards Pan Lourdes for calling itself a coffee shop.  Well I hated having that negative Hay Say cloud over one of my Mas Pan, Porfa'favorite spots in 20010, so I’m here to set my views straight.

Pan Lourdes’ arrival a few months ago had to be one of the best surprises since my move to Columbia Heights.  I remember walking by the old barber shop every day wondering what was going to happen to the space.  To my surprise, they seemed to have the place cleared out and open in about a week.  Since Pan Lourdes’ opening it has done nothing but get better.

After visiting Pan Lourdes for the first time right after opening, I was blown away with the feeling it gave me.  Throughout my time in both Chile and Costa Rica, one of my favorite things was to get fresh bread every morning for that day’s lunch and dinner.  Although variety was limited, the freshness and joy of buying bread baked that day was incredibly delightful.  This bakery gives me that same feeling.

I can easily look beyond the fact that sometimes you grab a piece not so fresh, because I know that it just means that tomorrow’s will be that much fresher.

Located right next to Gloria’s Papusaria (review at the jump), this taste of Latin America easily makes for one of my favorite blocks in Columbia Heights.


One Response to “Más Pan, Porfa’”

  1. Justin February 12, 2009 at 2:38 pm #

    Agreed! And the people are so nice…and 3 small loafs of bread for a dollar!

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