I’m Not Being Cheap…

20 Feb

Corking Fee

I’m not being cheap, I’m just trying to be…cheap-er.

If you haven’t heard, we are in a recession.  A lot of people are losing jobs, a lot of places are going out of business, but for  most of us in the DC world of government contracts, we have not been too affected by this economic downturn.  Yet with all of the talk, it is hard not to shake a little in those boots (or power suit) and feel the pressure to save.

Even with the economic apocalypse on its way, I have been doing my best to fulfill my patriotic duty by continuing to shop, dine, bar and spend, but I am growing increasingly nervous.  Recently, however, I discovered a great way to continue supporting your local fine restaurant, but still feel somewhat at ease.

Take advantage of a corking fee.  I have always heard that you can do this, but never actually went through with it.  I don’t know if I was embarrassed to bring in my own bottle, or just didn’t really know how it worked, but it turns out to be very easy!

Last night I brought in a nice, medium priced, bottle of Chilean, Terra Noble – Carmenere, paid a small corking fee, and enjoyed a much more pleasant drinking experience than if I had purchased a bottle for the same price off of the menu.

I have discovered that paying a corking fee doesn’t make you look like a hobo.  As long as you do it with courtesy and expect to pay between $10-$20 for the fee, most restaurants will gladly help you out.  My only advice would be to call ahead when making your reservation to confirm that they allow it and to double check the price.

The official Hay Say position is to keep spending.  Go out, support your local businesses and keep the cash flowing, but if you can find a way to ease your worries, might as well take advantage!  Win-Win for everyone.


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