It’s Official, I’m Never Flying Again

25 Feb
Photo from BBC News

Turkish Plane in Amsterdam - Photo from BBC News

I once heard that before getting on a plane, it is nice to hear that another has crashed recently.  I know that sounds a little odd, but statistically the chances of two crashes in a short amount of time is very slim.  So if you have heard of another crash, it is very unlikely that yours will be the next.

It's Official

Hudson River Crash

But recently it has become very clear, that is untrue.  It all started with those darn birds near the Hudson River.  Who knew that birds could blow out not one, but TWO engines?  I mean, Bird, what did we ever do to you?  I know we eat some of you and hate it when you poop on our head, but do you really have to go out and bring down a plane?!?

Then just a few weeks later, another (this time fatal), crash in New York.  This one, which killed 49 people, was blamed on sleet.  Now it seems to me that birds and sleet are not only common sky occupants, but often times unavoidable.  How am I supposed to feel confident as a passenger of a plane that can’t handle the company it flies with?

After those two incidents, I was able to brush aside my fears and call them flukes, but upon opening BBC News today, I just can’t hold those fearful thoughts back.  It is kind of like when you are a kid and for weeks and weeks you can’t sleep because there is a monster in your closet.  You cry for mommy and daddy, you lay awake for hours tossing and turning, but one night, one beautiful peaceful night, you happen to forget about those monsters.  Then a few weeks later, you watch a scary movie before bed…and it all starts again.  That is kind of what I feel like this afternoon.

Right now it is unclear what happened to the Turkish plane that came down today in Amsterdam.  For some reason they fell short of the runway.  Maybe it was the pilot, or maybe they had plane difficulties.  I just hope it wasn’t a another bird.

I love to travel.  I’ve been on planes every year for most of my life, but every time I get nervous.  This is really not making it easier.


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