Marleny’s: A Restaurant Review

18 Mar

ReviewAs we journey down the road of delightful taste, The Hay Sayers made yet another stop; this time at a restaurant named Marleny’s. It was an unassuming place that we did not plan on visiting (our first choice was closed). The first thing I noticed upon walking in was the obscenely loud music that was being played, but the other patrons seemed to enjoy it as some were moving along with the music.  One of the first things a friend said as we sat down was, “I love a place where you can pick what you want on a menu without reading a thing.”  The menus were filled with pictures for every entree.  Similarly to many of the El Salvadoran restaurants, Marleny’s was not short of character, or characters…

The food options were okay, a mix of El Salvadoran, Mexican and American selections—I went for 3 tacos (2 chicken, 1 beef) with a side of rice (arroz for you Spanish speakers). The tacos were good, I liked them more than Gloria’s since the tortilla that was used was thinner and less doughy. The rice was ok, a little bland but it got the job done. Overall the food was decent but I don’t know if 3 tacos is worth $8 (to compare, it’s roughly 6 at Gloria’s and comes with rice and beans). Doug had 3 pupusas ($1.50 each).  He seemed to think they were decent, but nothing special.  In an area with tons of pupuserias, they need to have something special.  Our other friend ordered an eggs, rice and beans platter along with a side of one pupusa (about $9).  He couldn’t quit talking about how much he enjoyed his meal.  It was large enough for him to have to take the papusa home. Needless to say Gloria’s Pupuseria in Columbia Heights is still my favorite eatery in the Columbia Heights/Mt. Pleasant area.

Flavorfly yours!



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