Coffee Problem Resolved?

19 Mar
Photo taken in Columbia Heights Coffee

Photo taken in Columbia Heights Coffee

A few months ago, I reported that Columbia Heights has a coffee problem.  I was sitting around looking for a cup of espresso, and realized that my options in the neighborhood were far too limited, with Starbucks and Columbia Heights Coffee being really the only choices (excluding Sticky Fingers and Pan Lourdes).

Well, it has been a big few weeks for java in Columbia Heights.  To start with, Price of Petworth reports on Tynan – Coffee and Tea coming to Irving right next to Five Guys.  I can’t really find anything about it, but I have high hopes.

Located on 14th, next to Tivoi Theatre

Located on 14th, next to Tivoi Theatre

The other coffee excitement comes from Uptowner Cafe.  Uptowner Cafe already has two locations in DC.  The first on M and 23rd, and the second around G and 21st.  They have just announced that they will be opening up a third shop in the old Carvel Ice Cream shop right on 14th next to Gala Theatre.  Although I’ve never actually been to a Uptowner Cafe, it seems to be promising.  They serve breakfast and lunch sandwiches, salads and of course, coffees.  The website has no information (I don’t think it has been updated since its opening in 2007) about the new location, but they seem to be working hard.  I hope to see an opening of both the new coffee shops this spring. Until then, I guess I’ll be stuck with my own coffee press and a porch.


One Response to “Coffee Problem Resolved?”

  1. Justin March 19, 2009 at 9:25 am #

    Wow man, you’ve got some pull!

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