Flower Power

1 Apr
Fighting the crowds at the Cherry Blossoms

Fighting the crowds at the Cherry Blossoms

Believe it or not, I was actually pretty excited to join the thousands of tourists and head down to the mall.  Last weekend I planned to attend the kite festival, but with the rain and cold, I decided to wait until Sunday.

Around the Tidal Basin

Around the Tidal Basin

I know how annoying it is to get behind someone getting off the metro who doesn’t know where to put the fare card, and I know how you just want to tase the hell out of anyone who tries to rush on the metro before they let you off.  Don’t even get me started about standing on the left side of the escalators.  But despite the disdain for tourists, I also know that  sometimes it is worth it to suck it up and venture down to tourist town.

We decided to go mid afternoon, in hopes that some of those crowds would have already faded.  As far as I could tell, everyone had that same thought, but I guess that is all I can expect.

For the most part the weather was beautiful with nice warm rays.  The spring excitement was high, so it was hard not to have a good time.  As the afternoon went on, the breeze picked up and got a little cool, but that didn’t really hinder the enjoyment.

If you have not made it down to the Cherry Blossoms this year, just do it.  Why not take advantage of something so close.

View from the edge

Clouds rolling in


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