Who Stole the Carpet?

28 Apr
Who Stole the Carpet?

Another Metro Disappointment...

I know this is old news for many, but the other day was actually my first time in a carpetless metro.  I heard they were going to do this to cut back on cost, but it still took me by surprise.  I was blown away at how uncomfortable it made me feel!  Plastic seats, nylon floor, it just screams sticky and dirty.  Plus, what happens when it rains and everyone is wet?  Disaster waiting to happen.

I know the Metro has to do what it has to do to keep the hours, but this was a disappointment.

I did, however, see some good Metro news come out of We Love DC.  Looks like our smart trip cards will soon be recharable online!


One Response to “Who Stole the Carpet?”

  1. scottahb May 3, 2009 at 8:13 pm #

    It looks like you stepped on one of the tester cars with the gray floors. I got one of those coming back to CH on the Yellow Line on Saturday. I have to say though, the black-floored cars look kinda sweet. Have you had the pleasure of riding in a Metro car that has the cloth seats instead of the vinyl ones?

    I understand the reasoning behind them (easier to clean, so I’ve heard, because they can be unzipped and washed), but it makes me feel like I’m on a coach bus with those stain-hiding seizure inducing prints.

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