OMG, Do I have Swine Flu?

30 Apr

Swine FluOMG, I coughed last night! Oh no…I rode the metro this morning! My hands are clammy, I think I might have a fever…oh God, I’m getting nauseous!

Everyone seems to be talking about Swine Flu these days. I mean, I get the hype, it is a little scary to have a new virus spreading around, especially since it is killing people. Let’s not forget, however, that nearly 36,000 people die from the flu every year. Now I’m not trying to belittle Swine, I’m just saying we should keep ourselves under control. I heard on the local news last night that the number of people checking themselves into the hospital for fear of the virus is outrageous. I know that it is spreading across the US, but come on! The more people waste doctor’s time, the more people will actually die from other diseases because they are not being treated.

The cable news doesn’t seem to be helping with the issue. I watched Sanjay Gupta basically tell us that 30 million Americans could die from the spread of a flu virus within months. Maybe a little of an over reaction? In any case, I hope we can get it all under control soon.

As I was looking through the web today, I happened to find a great website worth using. If you are asking yourself, “Do I have Swine Flu?” you should probably check it out:


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