Mesmerized by the Ellen Dance

6 May

Well, I made fun of everyone freaking out about the flu…so of course, I got sick.  Sunday afternoon I started feeling a little rough, and soon after things got a more than a little messy.  By midnight, and trip number 5 to the bathroom, I began to freak out.  It went from, “oh that pasta I made earlier must have been bad” to “Oh my God, I actually do have that damn H1N1 flu.  I’m good as dead!”

After a night of little sleep, some wild dreams, and hours of painful moaning, I called in sick.    The rest of the day my mind drifted from sleep to daytime TV, and boy was it awesome.  My TV enjoyment began with The Price is Right.  It has been years since I sat through an hour of The Price, so I was pleasantly surprised that Drew didn’t kill the show.  In fact, I would say he made it all the greater!  I don’t know if it was his dashing good looks, witty charm, or just the fact that it was Drew, it was great.  In his own way, he successfully made fun of himself, the contestants, and the show, all while making everyone have a good time.

Following another two hour slumber, I woke up to a little Ellen. Immediately I was mesmerized by the crazy.  In my flu hallucinogenic state, I could help but sway my head along with her moves.  Every word made me laugh, every guest made me cry.  This was my first full hour of Ellen, I have to shamefully admit, it felt like a cold brew on a warm day.  A nice refresher to a day of vom.  I don’t know who saw Ellen and thought, “I bet people would love to watch this middle aged woman dance around,” but I hope they got a raise.

As rough as it was, I made it back to work today.  This evening, as I sit here doing my post-flu-better-wash-everything laundry, reflecting on yesterday’s daze, and longing for more DrEllen.  If only tomorrow would bring more “come on downs,”  or just maybe one last shuffle through the crowd.  If only…


4 Responses to “Mesmerized by the Ellen Dance”

  1. V-bear May 6, 2009 at 1:44 pm #

    There is no question that when Bob Barker left The Price is Right, the show went to hell. I for one have not watched the show since.

  2. M ho May 6, 2009 at 9:09 pm #

    I agree with V-bear on this one! It is just not the same with drew carrey but I do heart ellen! I am also glad you enjoyed the day off but made a full recovery!

  3. Maxie May 8, 2009 at 9:31 am #

    I could watch Ellen 24/7.


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