The Quest for the Perfect Pig: Urban BBQ – By Kareem

28 May
Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork

Quest for the Perfect Pig is a series on local BBQ.  Be sure to check out reviews of Rib Pit, Rocklands and Mr. B’s.

Our hunt for BBQ takes us to the Urban Bar-B-Que Company in Bethesda.  I certainly didn’t expect to find anything special in Bethesda but I was pleasantly surprised.


I’ve been eating enough BBQ lately to have a general idea of what I want when I get to these places. So like usual, I ordered a BBQ beef brisket sandwich with a side of mac and cheese. Doug ordered pulled pork with fries and cole slaw. I must say that this place was so far the best of all the places I’ve been. For your meat you had two sauce choices, red sauce and yellow sauce. Me being the not so exciting person I am went for the red (which is your regular brown) sauce. The meat was very very very tender and smoked to a smoky goodness. The bun that it came on could have been a little better (if I recall, it was a hamburger like bun) but it wasn’t bad. The mac and cheese seemed like it was basic velveeta mix but they compensated for it by sprinkling freshly shredded cheddar on top…I found that to be a very nice touch and it tasted good to me.

The Full Rack

No BBQ trip would be complete without having a few ribs so that’s exactly what we did! We ordered a full rack of ribs and layed them on the table to stare in awe. They were were a long brown smoked smelling sight to behold. I’m pretty sure they use a dry rub on the meat and I for one will not complain. It made for a tender and tasty party in my oral cavity.  I think most of you would approve of such an event! Unfortunately all good thing must come to an end and this BBQ outing was no exception, by the time we left, there was very little to show for all the food we ordered but sauce drippings and a tiny bit of food that we brought with us to enjoy later. I think everyone should experience the food served at Urban BBQ, I for one will be back!

Flavorfly Yours,



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