Breaking Down White Lightning

3 Jun

Parked in Van Ness

Parked in Van Ness

It finally happened to me.  Someone busted a hole in poor little White Lightning.  Just before I set off to the ‘developing world’ a few weeks ago, I received the unfortunate reminder that the place I call home is still far from perfect.  It was a very weak moment for me.  One filled with frustration, anger, curse words, and fist slams.  Who would have thought my car was safer in Columbia Heights than Van Ness?

By getting me and another car down the street, they caused over $300 in damage, 7 hours (between the two of us) of lost vacation time, and two royally pissed off drivers.  All for 1 cell phone charger.

So I’m left asking myself, why would anyone do this?  Are times tough, and you need any buck you can get?  If that were the case, you would have thought they would look through the cars a little better to get a few cds, bike seat, and a couple of Frisbees.  Instead I’d say it was a bored, lazy, good for nothing, looking for a cheap thrill.  I’m sure he sold my charger for $5, but that obviously isn’t worth the risk of jail time.

Just the other day, when I was out for a run, I noticed two smashed windows near U st.  This is a huge problem in the city, with no solution, that I know of, in sight.  So what can we do about it?  Keep kids in school?  Set up a curfew?  Have a more noticeable police presence around the city?  Probably all of those would help, but I just don’t think it would fix the problem.  We have to start at the root.  Figure out the motivations, and fix them.


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