Because I’m Not Too Cool: Medieval Times

22 Jun
Midievil Times

Medieval Times

Because I’m Not Too Cool is a new series about things that some people might think they are just too cool to do, when in fact, when done, turn out to be some of the best things ever.

I know what you are thinking, because well, I thought it too.  Before committing to this adventure, I thought Medieval Times would be the last place you’d catch me on a Saturday night.  It is expensive, it is kind of weird, and it is for kids, right?  Well, partially.  It is definitely expensive, it could be considered weird, but I think I had a better time than any kid there.  We found some discounted tickets, a good crew, and a reason to go.  Kareem’s life long dream of becoming a knight was about to come a birthday reality.

They have a pretty brilliant business plan.  They force you to get there early, in order to get the best seats, and trap you in while selling you anything from handmade swords to overpriced knight paperweights.  While we didn’t get any souvenirs, the bar certainly made a few of our bucks.  After all, what better way to celebrate the knighting of Sir Kareem than a Medieval Margarita, served in a killer commemorative chalice?

The feast turned out to actually be one fit for kings.  Everyone was fed soup, half a chicken, ribs, potatoes and dessert.  All of it surprisingly well seasoned and tasty, and all served without utensils.

But the food was nothing compared to the show.  I think it probably helped that our view was slightly blurred with vodka, but man was it exciting.  Each section is given a Knight to cheer for.  We had the Black and White Knight.  Our crew cheered on his successes and moaned when he was struck.  We booed his opponents, and were on our feet when he was victorious.  It felt a little like I imagine a kid feels like when he/she goes to their first sporting event.  They didn’t care who won before arriving, but would be devastated when the team they started cheering for lost. Thank God we won, because I don’t know what I would have done had we been defeated.

It really was a hilarious night.  When you are surrounded by 200 other people (some of them actually Medieval buffs, others just as hesitant as you), it is hard to not let lose and have a great time.  A true Knight (get it?) to remember.


One Response to “Because I’m Not Too Cool: Medieval Times”

  1. M Ho June 23, 2009 at 12:51 pm #

    Hahaha I whole heartedly agree with your assessment! I was just as hesitant but turns out it is actually fun! Who knew? I am also glad that I was able to witness Kareem’s dream of knighthood come true!
    I will say that I have had my fill of Medievel Times for at least a month but I won’t be quite so hesitant to go back!

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