Obama a Bud Man?

27 Jul

I thought there was enough commentary about the Gates v Crowley debacle last week, and I didn’t think that anyone really knew enough about it to write about it myself. But today’s report that the two of them were actually going to sit down with Obama seemed too good to pass up.

I could write about how crazy it is that Obama is involved in this incident to begin with, or how twisted it may be that people are taking sides on what seems to just be a huge misunderstanding, but I’ll spare you.  Instead I’m going to address how lame it is that Obama chose Budwiser as his  beer!  It may be the safe bet, ‘America’s Beer’ or the ‘beer of the people,’ but really?  When did the President start drinking like a frat boy?  More importantly, doesn’t he remember that Anheuser-Busch was purchased by the non-American owned InBev?

This seems like the perfect opportunity to relate to those liberal, beer loving supporters, like me and find some micro-brew located in a swing state.   Even better, what about a DC area Flying Dog or Starr Hill?  Local appeal, minimal impact on the environment, supporting a small business, hand crafted, and WAY more delicious.

The bottom line is that if there is one thing that I can count on with Obama, it is that he will be cool.  Obama, Budwiser isn’t cool.  You may wish to rethink.


3 Responses to “Obama a Bud Man?”

  1. Budweisert isn't cool? July 29, 2009 at 11:53 am #

    I’m confused, do you drink a certain type of beer because it’s “cool”? Can’t Obama drink a beer for what it is and not the so called “cool” status it has? Maybe Obama should drink a 40 of OE. I am assuming you were the kid in highschool that shopped at A&F because it would build your social status and thus deem you “cool”.

    I guess all those times I ordered a bud at the bar, I was being scrutinized for not being the guy who drinks a “cool” beer. Can you please inform your audience on what to order at the bar to be “cool”.

    Maybe a cool ranking?

    Sounds like to me Zima would be at the top of the list for you.

    -just a man that needs advice on what to drink from now on.

  2. Cyn Williams July 30, 2009 at 8:39 am #

    I VOTE for Fat Tire Amber myself. Actually I like variety. No Buddddd. fer me.


  1. Does Beck Really Think Obama Is A Racist? | Washington D.C. Metblogs - July 29, 2009

    […] It’s tough enough being the President of the United States, but President Barack Obama has been facing recent battles that have ranged from his fashion choices at baseball games to his status as an American citizen. The latest firestorm deals with his reaction to the Henry Louis Gates arrest in my home state of Massachusetts. While some people are taking sides on whether it was right or wrong for him to say that the Cambridge officiers acted stupidly,” others are having fun that he offered both sides to talk it out over beer. […]

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