What do they really want to fail, Health Care Plan or Obama?

12 Aug

Lies, I’m so tired of them.  When I first heard that people were protesting the health care plan, I thought to myself, “oh good, now they can’t get mad when we protest their wars.”  I’m a firm believer in debate, I think it is wonderful to question your government, I completely understand concern about the Democrat’s ‘Health Insurance’ proposals, but I will not stand for hate, bigotry, and lies.

All over the news you can watch the opposition stand up in town hall meetings, crying, shaking, and yelling.  They are so upset about this proposal, but nearly everything they say is based on a lie!  It is NOT universal health care, it is NOT based on the Canadian or European system, you will NOT lose the coverage you already have, you will NOT be paying for abortions, you will NOT be paying for illegal immigrants, you will NOT need your treatment approved, you will NOT lose your choice of doctors, and you will NOT be asked to pull the plug when you are dying.  If only Americans did a little research before damning their senators to hell, maybe we could have a real debate.

The debate has gotten so out of control, that people are spray painting swastikas on senator’s offices and creating images of the White House flying Nazi flags.  Last I heard, the Nazi Health Care plan involved mass genocide of entire races and ethnicities.  I can confidently say, that is nowhere written in the Democrat’s proposal.  This has turned into less a debate on health care, and more a way for the far right to destroy OUR President.

If it was considered unpatriotic to speak out against Bush’s war to ‘fight the terrorists’ that would ‘kill American’s’, how is it now considered patriotic to speak out against the millions of Americans that are uninsured and dying because they can’t afford proper treatment?


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