Restaurant Review: Social

4 Sep

Everyone’s been talking blogging about Social, the new restaurant/bar in Columbia Heights, so I thought, ‘why not, I’ll join in.’  I was more than excited when I first heard a new place was coming in just around the corner from my house.  It was going to be my new hang out, my Cheers, if you will, but then it opened.

I didn’t make it the first weekend, so I was able to read a few reviews before going earlier this week.  The more I read, the more disappointed I became.  People didn’t seem to care too much for it, and I would have to agree.  They have this interesting “living room” theme going on.  While many people didn’t like it, I kind of got it.  Walking in, it felt comfortable, calm, and relaxing.  I was kind of digging it until I sat down.  Downstairs, instead of seats, they have these big ottoman looking things for you to sit on.  You shared it with the person in the table behind you, making it a little awkward to spread out.  After about 15 minutes my back started to hurt, and I became uncomfortable, making the comfy living room feel vanish.

We ordered a few drinks, I had a glass of wine and Roommate had a beer.  I asked a question about one of the wines, but the waiter had no idea how to answer.  The wine list wasn’t bad, but the beers were lacking.  They had a few solid choices, but nothing on draft.

Then we ordered an appetizer.  They have three sizes of everything.  I asked the waiter what the difference was for the crab cakes sliders.  His answer was, “I’m not really sure, I just know the larger sizes you get more crab cakes.”  While I’m sure that is true, it didn’t really help me out.  We ended up getting the small and it turned out to be 3 sliders, which worked well for us.  They were fine, nothing to write home about.

Before leaving, I asked the waiter about a happy hour.  He said they have one, but didn’t know the times or what the special was.  I know it must be hard your first week open, but they have had ample time to teach the waitstaff about the restaurant and the menu.  In my opinion, that is borderline inexcusable.

If it wasn’t in my neighborhood, I doubt I would ever go back.  But since I’m happy that new places like this are opening in Columbia Heights, I’ll have to try it some night for a real dinner.  I’ll just give them some time to pull it together.

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