Waaaaaaatch Nancy

10 Sep

On this week’s segment of “Watch Nancy” we take a clip from last night’s address on Health Care Reform by President Barack Obama.  The facial expressions of Nancy Pelosi when Rep. Joe Wilson yells out, “You Lie!” to the president in the middle of his address are priceless.  She looks like she’s about to cut somebody.

So, are you ready?  Waaaaaaatch  NANCY!

**Side note:  As I’m sure you could guess, I believe that Rep. Wilson was completely out of line.  I know that he has given his apology to the President, but this is a perfect example of how out of control partisanship has gotten.  When the far right no longer respects the office of the President of the United States enough to let him speak freely, be it to school children or Congress, things have gone too far.  Question, protest, debate, but do it all respectfully.


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