Because I’m Not Too Cool: Beatles Rockband

28 Sep

I hesitate to post the Beatles Rockband in the “Because I’m Not Too Cool” series, because darn it, it is just so cool!  I’ve never been much of a video game guy.  I’ve never owned a system (well, I did have a hand-me-down original Nintendo for awhile), and never really got into any games.  That is, however, until my friend “JH” got rockband.  Holy crap did we rock the hell out of that game.  JH, Spud, MS, Kareem and I, aka “The Bikini Monkeys”, have rocked our way through Rockband 1 and 2, as well as all of the track packs to date.   So it came as no surprise when I got a text from JH the day the Beatles Rockband was released.  “Just got Beatles Rockband, must Bikini Monkey soon.”

Opening day of our next “world tour,” I could hardly sit still.  Beatles bumped through the earbuds all day at work and on the trip to JH’s rock castle.  When the plastic guitar’s started strumming, and the drum sticks started pounded, I quickly realized this new game was everything I wanted, and more.  Nearly all of the major hits were on the playlist, and the background images really set the mood.  As you play through the songs, the game plays through the life of the band.  Starting with the oldest songs and animated video of the young band, and continuing on through the more psychedelic tunes and some very gnarly footage.

No question this is a blast for any Bealtes enthusiast, and a good time for those who are not.  While it may not have the wide range of hits as the other games, it clearly has jams that anyone would know.  We played our way through the entire disk the first night.  Not real sure what that says about the Bikini Monkeys…

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2 Responses to “Because I’m Not Too Cool: Beatles Rockband”

  1. M Ho September 28, 2009 at 9:03 pm #

    Oh Doug! I think we only made it through the whole thing because we had (sober) you to keep us in line and to keep us rocking! But agreed, it is pretty awesome!

  2. thehaysay September 29, 2009 at 8:08 am #

    Ha, yeah, I’m sure me being a Sober Sam helped keep things moving.

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