Past, Present, and Future

3 Jan

2009 brought plenty of both personal and national achievements and disappointments.  I ran a marathon and went to Guatemala, but I also lost touch with some great friends.  America now has its first black President and is working through the recession, but we are also committing more troops to war and kissing all hopes of a public option goodbye.  It was a great year, but seriously, let’s get the hell out of the “O” years, and step on into these “Teenies.”

Like nearly everyone else, I’ve thought a lot about what kind of goals I will set for this first year of the new decade.  I’ve decided on three, one Physical, one Fiscal, and one Mental.

The Physical: What I run this year will set the mood for the next 10, so I better not be too lazy.  I’m challenging myself to run one of every race between a 5k and a marathon.  That makes for a 5k, 8k, 10k, 10 miler, half marathon, and marathon.  I have a couple ideas for some of the runs, but am hoping to make a few of them destination races.  Any ideas?

The Fiscal:  It is finally time I start spending my money on things I believe in.  In this case, meat.  The idea is to eat only local, organic meat, cutting out the consumption of factory farm food produced to look/taste like meat.  The one exception will be bbq joints.  I just can’t let go of Kareem and I’s quest for that perfect pig.

The Mental: Take care of my relationships.  The short ones, like the guy I pass on the street, and the long ones, like the fam and friends.  Time to be kind, spread the love, and make sure everyone knows how important they are to me.

I have plenty to be proud of from ‘09 and plenty to look forward to in ‘10, but right now I’m just going to enjoy the present.  This holiday season, I finished up the past, and rang in the future with people that I love.  It’s important to not focus too much on what has happened, or what’s to come, but rather enjoy the moment, this moment, while it lasts.

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One Response to “Past, Present, and Future”

  1. Marissa January 3, 2010 at 8:34 pm #

    “It is finally time I start spending my money on things I believe in. In this case, meat.”

    Best New Year’s resolutions of all time. Period.

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