Stand Back, Doors Closing…

19 Jan

It was a typical Sunday afternoon metro ride.  The trains are running every 12 or so minutes, most of them relatively empty.  KFB and I board, sit down, and continue our conversation, dazing off into the weekend metro trance.  A few stops go by without notice.  We roll up to Farragut North, and people board.  “Di Doo Di Doo – Stand Back, Doors closing”

Something catches my eye, so I casually look over at the door.  “Oh Shit!” flies loudly from my lips as I jump up and run to the door.  Panicy and unsure of what to do, I grab at the door then the child.  A farther stands on the platform, as he tries to push his son’s stroller through the closing door.  Anyone who rides the metro with any frequency is constantly reminded, “Metro doors do not act as elevator doors, and will not reopen.”

Fortunately, the operator saw what was happening and reopened the doors before the stroller was crushed.  But as I sat down after the scare, I couldn’t help but to wonder, what if I had grabbed the baby, the doors closed, and the train pulled away?

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One Response to “Stand Back, Doors Closing…”

  1. Tom January 19, 2010 at 5:53 pm #

    But I’m not ready to be a grandfather!
    Glad you were there to think quickly. As you know, I have a problem with subway doors.

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