Home Brew #1 – Nut Brown Ale – Time to Bottle

1 Feb

About 50 bottles, sure hope it is good...

Bottling the first home brew was much easier than I expected.  I had been warned of its tedious work, so I recruited some help, KFB, and made a game plan.

The bottling process really started the night before any of the first batch left the bucket.  With less than 24 hours before go time, I only had about 12 empty bottles.  Lucky for me, it was a few days before my birthday, and I was throwing a party.  My friends can party, so I knew it would be no problem to get the 50 bottles needed.  My concern was the need for 50 non-screw top bottles, but fear not, those same friends like to party with a good brews that happen to have pop-tops.  We were in business.

After sleeping in the next day, I was ready to get started.  While KFB was out running errands, I decided to do some of the prep work.  I sanitized all of the equipment, and started prepping the bottles.  This part ended up being the only annoying part of the process.

By the time she arrived to the apartment, aka The Underground Brewery, I was ready to start.  We siphoned the beer from the carboy to the bottling bucket, trying our best to avoid the sediment.  In the bottling bucket, I combined the priming suger with the beer.  The priming suger will react with the yeast, causing carbonation.  This process takes about two weeks in the bottle.

Once everything was ready in the bottling bucket, the process couldn’t have gone smoother.  She filled the bottles, I worked the caper.  Less than 30 minutes later, we had about 50 bottles of The Underground’s first brew, a Nut Brown Ale.

We both took a little sip of the uncarbonated beer, and it tasted pretty good.  I really liked the flavors, but it is kind of hard to tell since it is flat, and the flavor profiles will continue to change in the bottle.

My expectations for this first batch are pretty low.  I’m not looking for the next best thing to hit the brewing community, but rather something that is drinkable.  After all, a good beer doesn’t make the man, but the man makes the good beer.  Sometimes it just takes a few tries.

Sometime later this week or next I should have a report on the final product.

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One Response to “Home Brew #1 – Nut Brown Ale – Time to Bottle”

  1. M Ho February 1, 2010 at 5:42 pm #

    Have you decided on a name for attempt #1 at the Underground Brewery?? Maybe we can brainstorm this week while rockbanding?

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