Home Brew #2 – Not Too Pale Ale

19 Mar

Not Too Pale Ale

After the first batch, Newly Nutted Brown Ale, turned out half decent, I decided it was time to go ahead and start a new batch.  This time I wanted something a little hoppier.  I have been on a pale ale kick recently, so I took off to mLHBS in search for a good IPA kit.  They pointed me towards Brewer’s Best Imperial Pale Ale.

Brew day went much quicker than the first.  Starting out better prepared, I didn’t need to look at the book for instructions every 30 seconds.  The boil time for the wort was 60 minutes, slightly longer than the nut brown.

Roommate Filling the Bottles

I let the beer ferment for two weeks, compared to just 1 on the nut brown.  After taking the gravity of the beer, I was a little disapointed that it only came out to about 6% ABV instead of the predicted 8%.  I’m not really sure what I did wrong, but maybe it will turn out to be a good thing…

Roommate was a kind friend and helped me with the bottling.  Sure, he didn’t have his glasses on, so we lost a little beer on the floor, but it was a huge help and saved a lot of time.

The picture of the beer at the top of the page was after priming in the bottle for one week.  There wasn’t much head after just a week, but the taste was great.  It has tons of bold hoppy flavor, perfect for quenching your thirst.  After letting the bottles sit for 2 weeks, the head was about 1 inch thick.

Stuck inside a cramped white cubical all day, I can’t help but think about the beautiful weather just out the doors, Opening Day just a few weeks away, and a Not Too Pale Ale just right for drinking.



6.6 lb. Light LME

1 lb. Golden DME

1 lb. Corn Sugar

Specialty Grains

1 lb. Crystal 80L

8 oz. Victory Dextrine

4 oz. Carapils Dextrine


2 oz. Bittering

1 oz. Flavoring

1 oz. Aroma


1 Sachet

Boil Time 60 min

OG = 1.060

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2 Responses to “Home Brew #2 – Not Too Pale Ale”

  1. Roommate March 19, 2010 at 2:50 pm #

    I was just sharing with Daniel the cat.

  2. thehaysay March 19, 2010 at 3:01 pm #

    Ohhh, so that’s why his balance has been so off…

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