Stuck in the Middle

10 May

This past weekend I traveled down south to Atlanta to visit my sister and mother for Mother’s Day.  We had a great weekend planned, filled with street fairs, farmers markets, and botanical gardens.  Every day in Atlanta was just what we wanted.  The problem came when I wasn’t IN Atlanta, but getting TO Atlanta.

Thursday after worked I headed over to Reagan to hop a plane from DCA to ATL.  All was going as planned, checked in online, had a few minutes to read my book at the gate, and grabbed a bite to eat.  When my boarding zone was called, I walked down the gate and onto the plane.  “Seat 20 B” read my ticket.  “Bummer” I thought, once I realized that B was in the middle of A and C.  As I walked down the aisle, I tried to pick out where row 20 would be.  “Oh, maybe it is in between those two business men headed home from meetings in DC,” I thought.  But nope, that was row 17.  “Hmm, well maybe it is right between those nice looking young people.  This wont be too bad.”  But no, that was row 19.

“Omm…I think…I’m in that seat,” I said reluctantly to the people sitting in row 20.  Quickly my “this wont be too bad” attitude turned to “Oh Shit!”  The woman in the aisle seat slowly squeezed out of her seat to let me in.  I plop myself down next to a 6’5” big boned man sitting next to the window, and a 300 pound woman, sitting in the aisle.  Now, I’m not one to judge, but when I’m not able to put my arm rest down because she is too big for the seat, I judge.  Even panic.

I quickly look around for an open seat.  That thought left before I could even process when the captain got on and announced that this was a full flight.  I sit back, and try to relax.  Thankfully the woman was trying her best not to bother me.  She was leaning out into the aisle as best she could.

When the plane took off, I tried to fall asleep.  It being Seis de Mayo, and since I was out plenty late the night before, I had no trouble closing my eyes and drifting off.  I woke up about 45 minutes later, to realize that the kindness the woman was exerting before had run out.  She was ALL over me.  I could not put my arm back or even lean my seat back (not that I could have anyway since the button you press was on the armrest that couldn’t go down).

I tried to block the uncomfort out by reading, but since I couldn’t hold the book properly (my arms folded over my lap), it was extremely difficult.  What was once a quick two hour flight quickly turned into an eternity in the sky.  I was the cheese between two pieces of Texas Toast.

Thankfully all flights come to an end, and I made it to Atlanta.  Now I’m left with this question:  Should someone who can’t fit in a plane seat, with the arm rest down, be forced to pay for two seats?

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One Response to “Stuck in the Middle”

  1. LiLu May 10, 2010 at 1:19 pm #


    I’m sorry… but dear god, YES.

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