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Off To the Markets: Columbia Heights Community Market

22 Jul

CH Farmers Market (sorry for the poor quality phone pic)

This summer brought many new things to Columbia Heights: Fro-Yo, an almost done 14th Street, and the Columbia Heights Community Marketplace. Now, I’m a fan of just about any farmers market, but after a few Saturday mornings waking up at this market, I can’t stop raving on what they have to offer. It isn’t the biggest FM of the bunch, but what it lacks in vendors it certainly makes up for in variety.

The market is open from 9-2 every Saturday, and houses multiple vegetable growers (Chesley Farms, Dragonfly Farms and Licking Creek Bend Farm), a variety of meat vendors, cheese makers, bread bakers, and even a gelato guy.  Pretty much anything you might need.  The marketplace even accepts WIC and Stamps.

With no recent Arganica order, last Saturday KFB and I hit up the CH Community Marketplace with a few bucks in hand. We bought a loaf of whole wheat bread, 6 peaches, 3 nectarines, 3 tomatoes, a bundle of onions, red potatoes, green beans, a cucumber and 4 ears of corn all for just $20. A price that can’t be beat for such high quality, local produce.

Everyday several people read my review of Arganica Farm Club. I don’t want to put down the local delivery group which fed me through the winter, but recently I feel like it just can’t compare. DC’s Farmers Markets have so much to offer at such a great price.  You have the big markets like Dupont, but embracing the smaller markets like Columbia Heights Market will give you everything you need, the warmth of your neighbors, and the satisfaction you get from are purchasing real food.

The Columbia Heights Community Marketplace offers good eats, good people, and a good reason to wake up.  Don’t be a slacker and get your hungover butt out the bed for some food.

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Return of the Markets

6 Apr
Eastern Market Produce

Eastern Market Produce

Good news for those who like a little fresh produce.  Farmers markets are returning for the season all of the city.  The Hay Sayers happened upon two this weekend, Dupont Circle Farmers Market, and the produce section at Eastern Market.

Here is some information on a few of my favorite.

Adams Morgan Farmers Market:

Located at 18th and Columbia Rd.  Opens May, 1

Dupont Circle Farmers Market

Dupont Circle Farmers Market

Columbia Heights Community Marketplace:

Located at 14th and Irving.  Opens May, 15

Eastern Market Outdoors Farmers Market:

7th Street around C.  Open year-round.

Fourteenth and U Streets Farmers Market:

Located at 14th and U.  Opening in May.

Mount Pleasant Farmers Market:

Located in Lamont Park, at Lamont and 17th.  Opening May, 15.

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